Giant Peach, “Unintentional”

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Giant Peach

So rarely a song is emotionality defined, and subsequently reshaped and re-established, as on Giant Peach’s “Unintentional”, the new single off their Don Giovanni debut, Tarantula. The track opens with a kind of synesthetic ambient coloring—an almost visible sound growing in intensity and heat—gradually introducing fuzz into the mix, until the main riff kicks the notion of tranquil catharsis out the door and slams it shut. A most earnest stream of melodic punk shoots to the forefront, replacing the “chill” vibes of feedback with the longing tensions of chord progressions.

Giant Peach, having begun as two clashing solo projects from Frances Chang and Mike Naideau, has developed into a quartet of compromise, their different creative backgrounds nodding to one another rather than deterring. Similarly to the way the project got its start, the elements of “Unintentional” clash and then meld together in a most complimentary fashion. Palm-mutes give way to gorgeously struck solo noting, into headshaking power chords, while the vocals, seemingly shy in their delivery but grounded in self-knowledge and solidarity smooth over all transitions. The song bleeds its feelings out, mending each audible wound with a new, energized guitar lick, or a comforting lyric, only to discover a new series of holes spouting from the bottom of the boat.

Tarantula will be released on January 22. You can stream “Unintentional” below.

Giant Peach tour dates

28 Brooklyn, NY at Molasses Books (release party)
29 Philadelphia, PA at Pilam
30 Brooklyn, NY at Aviv
31 Smithtown, NY at Tom Cleary’s house

17 Brooklyn, NY at Alphaville
18 New Haven, CT
19 Ithaca, NY at Cayuga Lodge
20 Brooklyn, NY at Union Pool
21 New Brunswick, NJ at In The West