Glass Gang, “Time”

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Glass Gang

Unplug the alarms, stop the clocks and hear the latest from these unknown rebels of amorphous, non-crystalline structural representation. Following up their recent single “Waves“, the mysterious Glass Gang sent us a premiere of their latest curiosity, “Time”. And like those rich, deep end drums and ghostly distortion of the former; the gang's latest contribution gives a generous helping of noise sewn beats to conquer or quell the concept of chronos. If the sparse cover for this single is any indication, the sonic substance exists in the blank noise spaces between the wooden table and the heights of the wall's crown molding ceiling tray.

Like a burning electric candle, Glass Gang ticks away the moments that make up a dull day with “Time” burning bright. The rhythmic skeleton keeps the meter like the sound of a plastic bucket hung around a broken faucet, as the maudlin guitars wrap around the mechanical beat layout with the metallic mist of morning fog. The chorus of “go away, go away” and “hide away, hide away” keeps the elusive guessing game going, while the Gang spills billowing dry-ice amplifier emissions over the water drop-drum machine sequences. As the idling refrain is carried off and shaken off, sympathetic synth notes surface in the mix as the percussion arrangement belches forth calculated and timed samples of industrious pipe stream hisses of steam.

With information still tight-lipped and kept in a clandestine lock box, we were able to gleam from the Glass Gang that “Time” is the second of four tracks being released from the group this Summer. Keep listening for the third and fourth single installments coming soon.