Greenhouse 102

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Blueprint announced the release date of Electric Purgatory Part Two on, following it up with a live performance of a new track.

If the “Greenhouse 102” video is any indication of the rawness in production on Electric Purgatory Part Two, then we are in for some serious sound come July 24. Ain't shit changed with the Weightless crew. They are still holed up in a basement, knocking out heavy bangers. The drums on this one have a mechanized clang and snare that snaps into echoes, creating a thunderous pound fit for Blueprint and Illogic's done-waiting-around rhymes.

Part Two features guest appearances from Aesop Rock and Toki Wright. A promo version will be released earlier the week of the
24th with a deluxe version sold for $4.99 that
comes with a free 11×17 poster and the instrumentals. An alternate deal will include a Greenhouse t-shirt + EP +
poster for $15.