Haj i Ji, “Night Flight” ft. Kai Altair

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Haj i Ji is an artist who has yet to be completely defined, and he likes it that way. His work crosses genres, stunning people in its wake with beautiful melodies and strong conviction in its lyrics and commentary on life. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of “Night Flight”, the debut single from Haj i Ji’s forthcoming Reports Of My Demise… EP.

Can we just note how incredible Brooklyn-based Kai Altair’s vocals are on this track? Smooth, seductive, and haunting in all the right ways. Her voice lays heavy with the incredibly mastered synth and bass in the song. It’s an intricately woven work about the Shaman’s dream, a song of love and human thirst to rise above the darkness of the night. Essentially, it’s a song about overcoming fears. Uplifting, unique in its composition, and absolutely gorgeous.

Reports Of My Demise… is out September 20th via On The Perch Records. It is available for preorder now.