Heavy Hawaii, “My Man”

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Heavy Hawaii

If you needed some extra lovin’ on Valentine’s Day, Heavy Hawaii had you covered, releasing their first new music in almost four years. “My Man”, is a dreamy surf single, featuring Kirsten Gundel, which came out of nowhere, except for a couple of mystery tweets on the Febryary 11, hinting, “Who wants a musical kiss this weekend?” and, “New Music 2016.” It’s a chug-along rhythm bouncing on coastal landscapes of a totally bubbly bass part, soon accompanied shimmering guitar tones and blissful keys. And it’s pretty hard not to move to, with vocals aching proudly for summer skies, rather than “my man,” the unseen figure who has left, but who has very clearly not been missed. An interim bridge happens where we hear a telephone ring received, and then, “Hello, who’s this? [laughing] I already told you. Wait, you want what? You know what? No, I know what I want.” There’s obviously a ton of “better off without you” vibes, so it actually plays like the perfect song for having spent the Hallmark holiday by yourself.