Helado Negro is The Selector (pt. 3)

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Everything about Helado Negro's Awe Owe sounds like the Tropicalia wet dream that Devendra Banhart wishes he had. The album that we’re voting “most likely to be listened to in a beach house” blew us away enough to ask him for some music. Start the week off with Roberto Carlos Lange as The Selector.

It swings in with a mountain beat via JayTram's “Smile” and curves back from a mix Jay made for Foxy Roxy with the song “The Shindig.” Sun Ra comes after “The Shindig” with a track called “Love in Outerspace.” I hope to visit him in Birmingham when Helado Negro swings through the Bottletree. Cryptacize rule my life with their Ozark rendition of “PEG.” After that is Prefuse 73's “Pitchpipe,” a song that's our sound cloud from my voice to his brain. Queens show happened Saturday, Bronx yesterday, Manhattan tonight, Brooklyn on Tuesday, and Staten Island partay on Thursday. (And then tour).

Five songs selected by Helado Negro