Helado Negro is The Selector (pt. 1)

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You want a tip as to how to get through the dog days of summer? Get the debut album from Helado Negro, called Awe Owe. Everything about it sounds like the Tropicalia wet dream that Devendra Banhart wishes he had.

The album that I'm voting “most likely to be listened to in a beach house”, blew us away enough to probe the mans mind as to what sort of music he likes. So for every Weds. in August, Roberto is The Selector

This megajam was preserved and jarred from five fruits and some small pinches of sugar. I heard Derdoorian's “Weed Jam” and thought of Benjamin Zephaniah's “Dis Policeman Keeps on Kicking Me to Death”. The chain reaction continued, with “Dis Policeman..” leading to an immediate memory of a Boogie Down Productions tape my brother wore out when I was little. The song is “Who Protects Us from You” from the “Ghetto Music: Blueprint of Hip Hop” album. That album is ingrained in my everyday thing/memory/existence. The non-sequitur of the batch is some Autechre mixed in for and with good measure. Entitled “BIC” it triggers phantom tastings of this end freestyle on “On the Bugged Tip” off of the “Long Live the Kane” album, another staple MC growing up between my brother, my cousin and I. These five things, a collection of trains of thought and nostalgia, coalesce into a 3 min encapsulation.

Five-song selection by Helado Negro