High Places' “I Was Born” video

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Now it seems so obvious.

High Places is one of the few bands whose sound was so distinctive and novel upon its entrance into Brooklyn's small, particular corner of the greater circuit that I personally had no idea what they would do to break from their signature drum beats and florid electronic samples.

In retrospect, paring it all down and dying your hair white makes a lot of sense. Though guitars no doubt played some part in the mutilated and heavily produced samples that made up a given High Places song, you can be pretty sure you're hearing the actual instrument on their new single and video, “I Was Born” (or is that just a synthesized and sampled version of what you think it is?). And then there's the bassoon, which with a little over-dubbing, comes off like a lost interlude in Pelléas et Méllisande.

Still from the black and white video for