Hollow Sunshine, “Here For Now”

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Hollow Sunshine

A couple weeks ago, I interviewed Reuben Sawyer, artist working as Rainbath Visuals, about his foray into album covers and emblem work for artists, including the likes of Chelsea Wolfe, Deafheaven, and Destruction Unit.

We also took the time to talk about his own musical projects. One such project we covered was Hollow Sunshine, a sort of dirge-heavy cosmic-swamp-pop affair he pulls off with vocalist Morgan Enos.

Hollow Sunshine have a new album, Held Above, which drops next week via the Robotic Empire label. Hollow Sunshine premiered the title track from this album on Pitchfork right around Halloween, and now we're pleased to present to you a new track from Held Above — “Here For Now.”

The track references artists like Boris or Hum, relying on a heavy powerful fuzz guitar accented with a more delicate vocal delivery. This is a nostalgic jam, mixing up heavy with atmospheric and pop sensibility.

Held Above drops November 12 via Robotic Empire.