Homeboy Sandman, “Gumshoe” Remix

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Homebody Sandman’s Kindness For Weakness album had two instrumental tracks, “Gumshoe” and “Funhouse.” The beats worked well on a standalone basis, but many fans expressed a desire to hear lyrics on them. Sandman recently satisfied their craving with “Gumshoe” remix, a song apparently written out of boredom “while Aesop packed a bowl.”

The Queens MC decided to augment the RJD2 production with a stream-of-consciousness freestyle that touches on running laps around Saturn’s rings, being content with his place in Hip-Hop and ignoring racist trolls.

Go ahead and hate who ever that you like, you have my blessing,” Sandman says sarcastically. The hilarious freestyle is a typically scatterbrained-yet-technically-precise offering from Sandman. With each pointed observation, he sounds like he’s racing downhill before miraculously catching his footing.

Perhaps he will give the funky “Funhouse” some lyrics during his next dull moments. You can stream “Gumshoe” below.