Honeyblood, “Kissing On You”

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We previously shared with you the gorgeous, lilting track from Honeyblood's debut seven-inch, a jangly track entitled “Bud”. In this case, we've got the B-side, a more sweetly-titled but harder-pushing “Kissing On You”. The track takes the power from duos like Japandroids and No Age, but is overlayed with the impressively spacious vocals of frontwoman Stina Tweeddale as she near yells “I don't think we could ever stop!” and it feels like it has its home in rough, lo-fi punk that has been doused in honey. Midsong, a handful of “oos” punctuate a boisterous tom tom beat, and it's both warm, exciting, and flapping with lo-fi, high-fructose nuance.

Honeyblood's Bud 7-inch is out now on FatCat Records.