Honnda, “Out Tonight Looking For Wildlife”

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fantasy remover

With recent album announcements and accompanying stellar tracks from both Fuck Buttons and Eric Copeland, there is no dearth of electronic pulsating weirdness ready to be unleashed on the world. The latest in a string of avant dance music comes from relative unknown Honnda, a project operated by solo artist Amnon Friedlin out of Brooklyn. It has elements of both Tobacco and Dan Deacon but it also markets on the underground grime scene, making for a what turns out to be a complicated, unwieldy, and mesmerizing listen that feels like it's just fallen right off the tracks.

You can listen to the whole Honnda LP, Fantasy Remover, at the Bandcamp here, but stream our favorite track below for a musical tartness that makes you want to dance, but you can't really dance to.