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Maddy Madeira, the force behind Nashville project How Cozy!, released Obie last year, and it immediately entered nonstop rotation for me. Using easy-to-love pop-punk melodies and sweet-tinged vocals, the only thing I disliked about the EP was that it wasn't long enough. I had given up hope that How Cozy! was ever going to release anything new, and since I'm not in Nashville to plead on Madeira's doorstop, How Cozy! all but fell off my radar a few months later. What joy hath been brought, then, when I was sent a Bandcamp notification that How Cozy! had added two new albums to their page—Demos and Bedroom Demos '09. Though the tracks are only the original acoustic tracks that built the later-released EP, I've fallen in love all over again. Best listened to in the mid-morning grey light, over slow-drank coffee and while nibbling at a meager breakfast, the power behind How Cozy! is as relevant now as ever. The greatest part about the demos is how they harken back to the early days of pop-punk where bands like The Starting Line would put out a full album, then slowly leak acoustic versions of the tracks. I can't get enough.

Stream the full Demos EP below, then head over to the How Cozy! Bandcamp for more of the goodness.