Iglooghost's Nettle Tea Mix

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As noted in our premiere of Iglooghost's “Frenchopen” (feat. milo), the UK by way of Ireland producer's recently released Treetunnels EP is an “instrumental debut of crackling lo-fi suites that shuffle and serenade in a manner built for headphones or the Low End Theory stage.” Coincidentally, Iglooghost's contribution to the Friday Night series finds a similiar common ground with the EP.

Entitled, “Nettle Tea Mix”, the young producer spliced originals from his EP with tracks by LA beat miners like Lapalux and Brainfeeder's Azizi Gibson, while the Death Grips presence offsets the serenity created by GRANT's “Earth In Hindsight”. The mix is alive with movement that on paper looks disruptive, but Iglooghost finds a way, seemingly to his surprise as well. He explains the mix below:

Hi. I'm the original stupid boy, Iglooghost. This mix is about nettle tea because it goes from spikey and weird to sad and warm. That might not make sense. You should listen to this mix and draw and or hit up your high school crush. Or do a huge shit. Somehow I included a 60s girl group but also Waka Flocka Flame so I'm lowkey happy about that. Buy my long EP thing called Treetunnels because there are still some cassettes left. By saying that I just gave this description a finite lifespan and it'll expire when those sell out. Perhaps it's arrogant to think that HHV's batch will sell out. Maybe I sold out. Maybe I should sell you my EP. Maybe this whole thing came full circle. Go to error-broadcast.com, please. Aight Bye xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Iglooghost's Treetunnels EP is out now on Error Broadcast.

Iglooghost – Guapanese
Iglooghost – Tattyboygunhands
GRANT – Earth In Hindsight
Death Grips – True Vulture Bare
Hudmo – Furnace Loop
Iglooghost – Sun_tan (Waka Flocka Flame Remix)
DZA – Dabl Trabl
Azizi Gibson – Band Of The Hawk
Lapalux – Forlorn (feat. Busdriver)
jitwam. – keepyourbusinesstoyourself.
elvis depressedly – weird honey
The Shangri-Las – Remember
Ryat – Owl
Taylor Mcferrin – Place In My Heart
Flylo – Glastonbury Grenade
Apparat – Granular Bastard
Iglooghost – Naps (Refried.beans)