Ill Mondo join the slow jamzboree

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gentlemen prefer blunts

If an afterlife exists DJ Screw's soul rests peacefully as his unique style of chopped beats slowed to a thumping crawl has become a mainstay in producer culture. Still a widely utilized technique in hip hop, “chopped & screwed” infiltrated the electronica scene like syrup into the bloodstream.

Montreal's CFCF spent the past year trying to woo Zellers' shoppers and visited the mythical state of Slorida with his slow jamz R&B take on DJ Screw's technique. Bay Area production team, Ill Mondo is joining the party with its Gentlemen Prefer Blunts mix of chopped and screwed soul. Consisting of 45s slow-spun at the 33 1/3 rpm mark with some beat juggling and DJ-trickery, Gentlemen Prefer Blunts spikes the punch on Sharon Jones, Donald Byrd