Incan Abraham, “Panama Dry”

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Incan Abraham

LA's Incan Abraham premieres their new single “Panama Dry” ahead of the release of their Springhouse 10″ that continues the sky aspiring quartet's journey further down the spectral pop road. Their JAXART followup to last year's Ancient Vacation and their debut Sunscreen presents the growth of a group's who has developed a sound through dream-sound catching experiments with global rhythmic progressions in the departments of drums and guitars while taking notes from the echoplex and loop masters of recent decades.

The opening and continuing keyboard's one, two three punch opens up like a stem sample electronic lotus dance track that begs a remix in its own right. Then there is the track's repeated lyrical recitation of ritualistic mantras, “sleep outside even when it's cold”, or “take my time even when I'm old”, and the after dark whimsicality of, “swim out late on a midnight shore”. Incan's back and forth deliberations presents the risk taking virtues of sticking to their guns, going the road alone by following the wanderlust of potentials to be discovered, untapped, yet untold and unsung. And as the synthesizers frame the passion, the “if I can keep my head” refrain sends the key cascades headed towards the heavens like digitized smoke signals.

The song title itself borrows from the Panama Canal connector of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to conjured images of the Los Angeles drainage canal system during a drought. Through the multi-layered keyboard glittering alliterations one also might imagine what a dry Panama Canal might look like if both seas on either side parted, Ten Commandments style.

Incan Abraham's Springhouse 10″ is available November 27 from JAXART Records.