Indian Jewelry are TOTALED

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It's been two long years since the last Indian Jewelry record. Even with sporadic trips back to Free Gold to zone out on “Temporary Famine Ship,” news of a new record seemed ghostly.

TOTALED is the next step in the Indian Jewelry's career manifesto of psyche-burnt sound clashes. We can only hope album opener “Oceans” is a thesis statement to a mind-freak of peyote trip proportions. If you cannot tell, lead singer Tex Kerschen is singing “oceans will bring back your body someday” – fuggin' eerie, man. Have Indian Jewelry moved from Turkish psych-funk meditations to a full study of the booming Southern rap stylistics? This sounds as though it was made with trunk rattling that sets off car alarms in mind. Have they joined a Houston mob that leaves snitches swimming with the fishes? Where are the last 20 seconds of “Oceans” leading us to? If you can't tell, we're really excited about the potential of TOTALED.

Equally thrilling is Indian Jewelry's tour buddies for month of the summer is HEALTH, fresh off its European stint. Do not miss this tour.

TOTALED is out May 11 on We Are Free.

Indian Jewelry, “Oceans”