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Feeling as though Girls Like Me just isn't enough? Do you need more Intuition raps in your life? Dude's got your best interest in mind. He's ruined all your favorite indie songs!

The idea behind I Ruined These Songs For You is pure tape nostalgia. Intuition recalls the days of making tapes for friends, tapes to impress girls and tapes to rep your taste. He took it a step further by selecting 11 non-rap songs he enjoys and ruining the shit out of them by implanting a verse in the fold.

This week he's leaked verses over Grizzly Bear's “Two Weeks” and Mayer Hawthorne's “Make Her Mine.” He intends to release two more songs next week and the following week, the entire tape project for free download. UPDATE(3/23): I Ruined These Songs For You

Based on the strength of the first two leaks, I'm hardly appalled at ruined Grizzly Bear and Hawthorne songs. It's difficult to be disgruntled when Intuition delivers with lines like “She's Grey Poupon. I'm ranch dressing / Her folks think she's slumming / I got her dad stressing” and “I told you I would stay and I meant it / friendship is made to be malleable, bend it / splendid / wear it to the point that it's ending / regret it and start from the beginning again / and mend it.” When's the last time you heard a rapper drop some 9th grade science and properly use “malleable” in a rap? Never is the answer.

Be sure to cop Girls Like Me on iTunes.

Grizzly Bear, “Two Weeks” (feat. Intuition)

Mayer Hawthorne, “Make Her Mine” (feat. Intuition)