It could be all bong hits and dick pics

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White Fang

In preparation for their upcoming non-stop tour 'round the “United States of Whatsup,” PDX's White Fang recently released new videos for Positive Feedback cut “Chill Yourself” and Gnarcotics Unanimous standout “Shit Happens.” The tour, in support of Positive Feedback’s vinyl release on Marriage Records in June, begins late May and is slated to hit 38 cities in as many days. Along the way, the quartet will pair up with Chicago couch cadets Nude Sunrise and Lexington sludge psychers Jovontaes.

White Fang is no stranger to the camcorder and, for that matter, self-incrimination. In their latest video installments, the four-some get adventurous, presenting a hearty of display of dick and grass. “Shit Happens” is probably one of their best songs to date, and instead of creating a video that could potentially catapult them into the mainstream, the foursome decided to take a more ‘anti-social’ widescreen take on the art of the 18-in. ripper. We’ve seen White Fang smoke weed before, but not to this extent. Every member’s pull is shot in its entirety. Risky? No. White Fang? Yes.

White Fang – Shit Happens from Gnar Tapes on Vimeo.

For the third video off Positive Feedback, the crew accents their signature style of cheap and easy life shots with a enough dick to make your non-artsy, hetero male friends uneasy. The Daniel Johnston-esque hip-hop of “Chill Yourself” deserves more than face zooms, cemetery swagger, and open-mouthed fast food eating, so it's quite natural that the boys find themselves waving their penises around the setting of an outdoor hot tub. Simply, if you cannot muster up the confidence to get naked with your buds in a hot tub for a music video then you need to reassess your close friendships. This is the beauty of White Fang: Separate yourself from the pack by embracing what you have, not by busting your wallet for what you think you may need.

White Fang – Chill Yourself from Gnar Tapes on Vimeo.

While the second Gnar Tapes compilation album, Gnarcotics Unanimous, is sold out, Positive Feedback is currently available on cassette. Scroll through the list below to see if White Fang is going to hang dong in your area this spring/summer.

Sun. 5/27/12 Portland, OR
Mon. 5/28/12 Eugene, OR
Tues. 5/29/12 Sacramento/Davis, CA
Wed. 5/30/12 San Francisco/ Oakland, CA
Thurs. 5/31/12 Oakland, CA / San Francisco, CA
Fri. 6/1/12 Reno, NV
Sat. 6/2/12 Salt Lake City, UT
Sun. 6/3/12 Grand Junction, CO
Mon. 6/4/12 Denver, CO
Tues. 6/5/12 Lawrence, KS *
Wed. 6/6/12 Iowa City, IA *
Thurs. 6/7/12 Minneapolis, MN *
Fri. 6/8/12 Madison, WI / Beloit, WI *
Sat. 6/9/12 Chicago, IL *
Sun. 6/10/12 Detroit, MI *
Mon. 6/11/12 Dover, OH *
Tues. 6/12/12 Columbus, OH *
Wed. 6/13/12 Pittsburgh, PA *
Thurs. 6/14/12 Philadelphia, PA
Fri. 6/15/12 New York, New York
Sat. 6/16/12 New York / New Jersey
Sun. 6/17/12 Providence, RI / Boston, MA
Mon. 6/18/12 Providence, RI / Boston, MA
Tues. 6/19/12 New York/ New Jersey
Wed. 6/20/12 Baltimore, MD
Thurs. 6/21/12 Richmond, VA
Fri. 6/22/12 Lexington, KY +
Sat. 6/23/12 Nashville, TN +
Sun. 6/24/12 Atlanta, GA +
Mon. 6/25/12 New Orleans, LA
Tues. 6/26/12 Austin, TX
Wed. 6/27/12 Oklahoma City, OK
Thurs. 6/28/12 Albuquerque, NM
Fri. 6/29/12 Phoenix, AZ
Sat. 6/30/12 Los Angeles, CA
Sun. 7/1/12 Los Angeles, CA
Mon. 7/2/12 San Francisco, CA / Oakland, CA
Tues. 7/3/12 Portland, OR
with Nude Sunrise (of Chicago, IL) = *
with Jovontaes (of Lexington, KY) = +