It's Only Been 5 Years, Cornelius

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Sensuous, the new full-length album from Cornelius, detonates on impact with the listeners consciousness. Its a bold and nearly infinite record, a twisting Mbius strip weaving simulation into reality and back again.

Its composer knows the peaks and valleys of our contemporary emotional landscape. Cornelius, aka Keigo Oyamada, is a visionary postpunk sound designer of a bright new age.

Cornelius is a sound junkie. Critics have dubbed him the Japanese Beck and the 21st century Brian Wilson.

Arriving stateside through Los Angeles-based Everloving Records on April 24, Sensuous resists all traditional modes of classification.

View Cornelius' video for Fit Song here

Cornelius, a multimedia savant, has remixed Bloc Party, Beck, Merzbow and the late James Brown.

Hes worked with Ryuichi Sakamoto and lounge-jazz noisenik Arto Lindsay. Hes displayed his visual works at the Barbican JAM exhibition and contributed music to the Shhh exhibition at Londons Victoria & Albert Museum. Cornelius, now a father, has managed to bring his legendary live show to Europe, Australia, Thailand and the US.

Youll hear it all on Sensuous. Meditation bells chime and shimmer, robotic splash- tinkling xylophone and vinyl static. Cornelius is back indeed. Lets give him a warm welcome ladies and gents.

Cornelius' new release Sensous out April 24, 2007 on EverLoving Records