Jackson Boone Debuts Lo-Fi Home Recordings

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Jackson Boone made his way into the world of music in 2013, when he emerged as a songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Since then, Boone has toured all of the states in a range of different venues, from DIY venues to giant music festivals (including SXSW, Treefort Music, and Pickathon). His music has also been featured in a number of publications.

His latest offering is a record of “Lo-Fi Home Recordings,” and all of them were created between 2011 to 2015. This record is comprised of 13 tracks that are near and dear to Boone’s heart. Regarding the album, Boone says,  “These tunes got me through a transitional time, when I didn’t have a band as a creative outlet. Some of these songs are pretty special to me in that sense, but on the other side of the spectrum… some of it is just sonic psychobabble noise collages of nothingness.”

The record officially drops on September 23rd, but we have the exclusive stream right now, so check it out below.

The cassette is available for preorder now.