James Ferraro, “Domestic Violence”

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James Ferraro

This year has been big for James Ferraro, with the release of the harrowing NYC, HELL 3:00 AM album, following his confounding Cold mixtape, among other collaborations and experiments. The latest, a track in two acts just posted on Soundcloud titled “Domestic Violence” —echoey, fingersnapping, and intimate, undecorated R&B vocals filling the first half devolve into sample-based sex music bleariness – expectedly plucks at Ferraro's studied heir of mystery. Despite the title's provocative implications, a lack of gravitas hangs over the whole track. Not that it isn't tremendously listenable, but, as seems to be the consensus on the artist, it's continually hard to guage where his heart and head are at in his music

Stream the track below: