James Pants' beat archive

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james pants

James Pants was busy with his excellent self-titled record in the spring and never got around to cleaning. With summer coming to a close, Pants is clearing out the archives with a collection of beats made between '01-'07 and this is just Vol.1. We have yet to digest the entire package, as its 1.5 hours of beats, but in our half hour of jamming we are quite pleased with Pants' cleaning process. Here's hoping Vol.2 covers '07 to the present – our favorite Pants era.

Pants posted the collection to his Tumblr, with the following explanation:

I bring forth the first installment of the Beat Archive; a 51-piece vast collection of oddities, soddities, and heresies from back in the days when I thought I could be a rap producer. Never worked out so well. But regardless, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to use for your own purposes, and spread around.

Perhaps it's not too late for Pants to become a famous rap producer should this collection find its way into the hands of the Odd Future kids that adore his weirdo production.

Download the collection directly from Impose Stones Throw.