James Pants croons to his “Darlin'”

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Earlier today we complained about retro that lacks the futurism, dredging up old doo wop tropes without adding anything to the conversation. Here is your future speak. What do you expect from a man who numbers Bruce Haack among his very top Myspace pals.

The synth pop Oughts meet Inkspots meet James Pants whispering sweet nothings. Especially love those hissy hi hat patches that run through most of the track and add a layer of textural ambiguity, like the ode is being delivered in a freak Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® hailstorm.

James Pants, “Darlin'”

The track comes out on Love Kraft, James Pants' forthcoming LP on Stones Throw in spring 2011. Let the slow drip mp3 campaign continue!