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gary war police water ep

We've always been great fans of Gary War's gurgling washes of alien synth pop, and the Police Water EP is arguably his most succinct statement of his other-world stylings to date. People like to lump this sort of future sound into a description with at least three posts (post-apocalyptic, post-new wave, “post-future” (?)); Bladerunner is also a useful sign post for these warbly synths. Does anyone ever stop and ask, “Is this what Gary wants?”

Perhaps. It's the job of a press release, (everyone's favorite form of creative prose), to put all the sweets on the table for us bloggites to consume, without burning a single critical calorie, so without further adieu:

This new work spans War’s full emotional range, and never abandons his hopes of a more enlightened collective consciousness for the future of the human race.

He and his band already have enjoyed a run of premieres and the like so a healthy chunk of the thing is in free market circulation. Let's hope his work is furthering the dream, and that perhaps we'll all be a bit more pinko commie by the end of this blog post.

Here's the dizzying wash of glowing images for “Hollow Futures”, one of the bonus tracks that comes with the CD version of the EP:

And the two would-be mega hit singles in a universe where Transylvania III was a genre of dance music and Kanye West really was our vampire David Bowie.

Gary War, “On Its Head”

Gary War, “Born Of Light”

The album came out November 9 on Sacred Bones and was apparently recorded over the summer, an impressive achievement for such a robust collection of 8 tracks in under thirty minutes.