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Stygian Stride

Jimy SeiTang has been a member of Psychic Ills and most recently Rhyton. While his involvement in those bands might have been the small doses of motorik and minimalist German wave patterns in both bands, as Stygian Stride he explores it without limitation. Stygian Stride is a project all his own that's given carte blanche to emulate the German techno scientists of the 60s who birthed the style through ambience and minimalism on analog equipment. SeiTang sought that same gear in Black Dirt Studios when he recorded his self-titled debut.

Stygian Stride's “Kraut-glide Friday Night Mix”

We invited SeiTang to give us a deeper look into his affinity for ambient jams and he did not disappoint. The “Theme to Escape From New York” is always a fine place to start, but SeiTang sideswipes us immediately after with a deep cut from Kraftwerk that has heavy metal origins. SeiTang explains his mix further:

So I decided to choose the following set list because, it's a background of some of the kinds of music I like to play and listen to. I chose it to show my love for the obvious and the not so obvious.

John Carpenter's”Theme to Escape From New York” has always been a favorite for me. His films and music are always in sync with each other, I find it fascinating.

The Kraftwerk track was something I wanted to show as a good example of a band who is noted to be a very certain style and aesthetic. This track is so different from their usual work, it was a live track from '71. They almost have a Sabbath thing going on, and they pull it off with even more conviction than most bands that do this. You get the sense these guys really know how to play music well.

The Schaltkreis track and the basic channel along with Popol Vuh remix are about trying take many different things across the board and trying to make a cohesive statement that makes sense. They have an connective electronic element but have different ambiences. I like to bring things like this together.

The last two are more of a informed mind frame if you will. The Wire cover by My Bloody Valentine is sort of their testament of how much that sound has such a iconic sound. Esp since their new album came out recently (after 15 years and countless bands trying to enulate that sound). They still own it. I feel that no matter what song they play they always sound like themselves. Even if they play other people's music.

And the last track is by my friend Jack, whom I've know since high school, from an album he made called “The Light Show”. You should check it out. It has a nice weird glamy Eno vibe going on.

Stygian Stride's self-titled debut is out now on Thrill Jockey.

Stygian Stride's Friday Night tracklist:
John Carpenter -Main Theme from Escape From NY
Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids
Schaltkreis Wasserman – Lux
Popol Vuh- Gärten Pharaos (Dark Development Edit)
Quadrant- Infinition
My Bloody Valentine – Map Ref 41°N 93°W
Muzz aka John Dust – Pure Terror