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Decode this, amateur cryptanalysts: JJUUJJUU just released “G 4 A G,” the first single from their upcoming album FRST. Keyboard vomit of two letters aside, JJUUJJUU really is a perfect psych-pairing between Phil Pirrone, founder of world/psych fest Moon Block Party, and Incan Abraham drummer Andrew Clinco. The two forces combine to create super heady jams built from “telepathic” vibrations that hum and neutralize neuro- patterns, like in “G 4 A G.”

Hooked on a feeling and stuck in a beat, “G 4 A G” burns slow and steady with a bit of a freak-power edge that spells mild darkness with drop-out, play-through, basement rumblings.

Expect FRST from Beyond Beyond is Beyond on April 2.