KAG//TFX, “Fugue 7”

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TransFX are a punk-spirited electronic project from Olympia with a record, Into the Blu, out soon on Perennial. On the record, the band has one track featuring vocals from Katie Alice Greer of Priests, a dark pop song that’s a far cry from the punk aggressions she’s typically known for. It’s titled “Fugue 7” and will also be available on a 7-inch ahead of the full-length, with the song repeating itself on both sides of the single. The song recalls the sort of shift similar to when New Order was founded out of the ashes of Joy Division (in fact, the opening industrial percussive electronics echo those of “Blue Monday”). Pinpointed yet frenetic kick-drumming, undercoated by bass, play out like a hollowed knocking on a big wooden door. It works as a drone track, or a dance track, or both, its instruments creating an unchanging yet moveable atmosphere around Greer’s lightly reverbed vocals. A particularly apt description comes from the label’s sparse website: “Think Madonna in a Keith Haring dress on a bed in the middle of a warehouse club.” The song is streaming below.