Kanye West & Jay-Z, “That's My Bitch” feat. Elly Jackson of La Roux

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Jay-Z and Kanye West

Kanye is acting like we wouldn't notice his G.O.O.D. music Friday track never happened, not even on a Saturday morning. I guess we are supposed to be too transfixed on his Pitchfork-rated perfection to need more G.O.O.D. Friday free schwag.

Perhaps it's time to think about the next project, his collaboration with Jay-Z called Watch The Throne. “That's My Bitch” is produced by Q-tip, who's on a tear with this beat, “Chain Heavy” and programming the drums on “All Of The Lights”. Props to Tip for tossing the Incredible Bongo Band drums at the end of this jam just for good measure.

I'm starting to think Kanye is making this record with Jay-Z to convince us he's surpassed the legend. Really he's just some young pup pestering an old dog that's chosen to die on the porch. Hov is so uninspired that even a joint like “That's My Bitch” with a title that recalls some classic Jigga misogyny can't lift him off his plush armchair to degrade appropriately.

A brief history lesson will show that Jay-Z can have your chick up in his Range Rover and give her the least amount of affection possible, while maintaining her under his pimp hand. Jay-Z has no passion, no patience, hates waiting and would like your hoe to get her ass in his car so he can ride out. Jay-Z uses sex as a weapon that can kill a bitch in less than eight seconds. Jay-Z gets drunk to a point of seeing triple and is able to fornicate with the hoes created by his blurred vision. Most importantly, of all the problems Jay-Z has, counting up to 99, a bitch has never been one.

That was Young Hov. Old Hov wears prescription glasses while touring the Louvre with Beyonce, listens to weak ass brit synth-pop by La Roux and compares his diva to Mona Lisa. He's pretty much become neo-soul era Common. He also buries his “my bitch” claims under the chorus because he's a timid has-been that's afraid Beyonce will beat him. Act like I'm wrong here.

Kanye West & Jay-Z, “That's My Bitch” (feat. Elly Jackson of La Roux)