Kanye West, “Power”

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Kanye West, "Power" artwork

Like everything Kanye West, his song “Power” was excruciatingly relevant to what now looks like a carefully planned arc, from laying-low post Taylor Swift stage-storming to Drake song production, to release of “Power”, to turning his entrance on Twitter into a media circus, including those dueling Facebook/Twitter office freestyles (which hopefully will spawn a whole new stage of media PR slogging that involves artist cameos at other corporate headquarters), to this very pretty thing:

Video: Kanye West, “Power”

He's utterly brilliant at casting long shadows on all of us, both with this movie-preview style two-minute masterpiece to making us care about what he spent in a given week and it's an easy kind of coup to win back a media that gets amnesia when facing far worse behavior (Chris Brown!). Still can't help feeling like a lot of smoke was blown in our faces, though; is this really what “Power” looks like these days?