Kid Bloom, A Different State of Mind

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Los Angeles’ psychedelic disco quintet Kid Bloom – comprised of Lennon Kloser (vocals, guitar), Jesse Perlman (vocals, guitar), Josh Conway (drums, vocals), Alex Canter (keys), and Brad Bowers (bass) – has been hard at work on their debut EP, titled A Different State of Mind. We’ve got your first listen.

The 5 track EP starts with “Lately It Feels Alright”, a steady paced song that sets a vibrant tone for the collection. The beat immediately whips us into a frenzy, showing off our latest dance moves. “I Kissed A Girl, And She Kissed Me” has a quirky beginning, more of an emotional vocal set, and a quiet, muffled, almost lullaby appeal to it. “Different States of Mind” comes in as more of a vibey track, something you might want to turn up while you’re exploring existential thoughts in the confines of your home. “Electric U” immediately brings up 70’s nostalgia, while “Hazy Miss Daisy” rounds out the EP quite nicely with a staccato piano intro and more of a musical theatre attitude to the instrumentals. (We’re big fans of the backup vocals, by the way.)

A Different State of Mind is out December 2nd. Keep up with Kid Bloom and all release details here.