King Dude's pagan love songs

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King Dude

With previous albums through Avant!, Bathetic and Clan Destine, it is of little surprise King Dude took his pagan folk to the occult obsessors at Dais Records. On “Big Blue Eyes” King Dude describes the beholder as being over his shoulder, which distorts a common trait penned by singer-songwriters. When we think of blue eyes, nothing threatening comes to mind – brown eyes or black eyes are much colder and lifeless. King Dude is weird though. He gets the chills from blue eyes. The inherent oddity of position suggests an deviance in those sky blues, and yet, he is still smitten. King Dude is singing of salvation on “Big Blue Eyes”, but it is under watchful supervision from doe-like baby blues, which somehow paints an unsettling picture.

King Dude, “Big Blue Eyes”

King Dude's Love LP is out November 5 on DAIS.