Knife Hits, “Map Territory Relation”

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Five piece hardcore/punk/screamo band Knife Hits has been working on something very special for us. That would be their twelve track debut album, Eris, which is officially out September 16th. We’ve got the premiere for their track “Map Territory Relation” for your enjoyment.

This song will chill you to your bones. “I basically wanted to write a song that was heavier than anything I’d ever played before,” admits guitarist Jake. “In true Floridian style, the song is in a drop octave tuning made popular by Floor and Torche.” If not for the singular guitar riff at the beginning, then the percussion matched perfectly with it to create the most mosh-worthy composition you may have ever laid ears on. But then there are the raspy, dark vocals from our good friend Alex that make this song all the more movement-inducing, but perhaps less than singalong worthy – if not because of the octave he sings at, then perhaps because of its lyrical content. “Everyone is scared and lonely and no one likes to talk about it or admit it,” he explains. “The record’s lyrical content deals with the trials of consciousness, the elasticity of reality, and coping mechanisms we all share. It’s all about the audacity of conviction and how all knowledge is conjecture.”

Eris is out September 16th. It is available for preorder here, here, and here.