Koncept of Brown Bag All-Stars with Sene

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Koncept of Brown Bag All-Stars is preparing to drop a free EP called Playing Life. The first leak, “You Knew” features Sene.

Twinkling harp plucks and mourning soul woes – yup, if the title didn't give it away, the samples will. It's a love lost song. Brown Bag All-Stars aren't the pinnacle of 90's retrofit hip hop, but they aren't screwing it up either. Produced by the Audible Doctor, Koncept's “You Knew” is flavorful and he sticks to his story of remorse and growing pains. Although, I'm not sure I follow the “real as your tax return” line, but Sene confirmed that he digs it before he went in with his verse.

No release date is set yet for Playing Life, but J57 of BBAS assured me it would be out in August.

Koncept, “You Knew” (feat. Sene)