Kría Brekkan

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You know her. You've heard her voice. You've been mesmerized. If not, well shit man, c'mon, get into it..

With a voice like some kind of fairy princess that you'd find deep floating haphazardly around some Icelandic glacier, Kría Brekkan emits gossamer webbing that captures you immediately. The music is delicate and intricate, but also loose, tender, and raw. It's not some overproduced trip-hop, electronic free-for-all. Her music is strung to the earth with think, winding roots. It's organic, spilling out, soil and pebbles into water, dripping, ripples; fucking wow. It's almost angelic.

Her music has an innocence that immediately magnetizes you to it, and it's hard to turn your ears away. Why would you ever want to? What you're hearing it beautiful, but not in a heavy-handed way, in a very light, blissed-out way. It's very easy to listen to. It's not oppressive, it doesn't beat you over the head. It's just there, for you to take in.

Vibe on “Solush,” a mini-version of the track featured above from cd, Apotropaíosong Armor, and “Wildering” from the 7″ of the same name.

P.S. Thanks to Ian from Friendship Bracelet for the nice pic he took at SXSW.

Kría Brekkan, “Solush”

Kría Brekkan, “Wildering (Suil Version)”