La Neve, Eviction Demos

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La Neve Joey Defrancesco

A jack-of-all-trades, Joey LaNeve DeFrancesco wears many hats: as the guitar player in the critically-lauded punk band Downtown Boys; as programmer/drummer in Malportado Kids; as an editor and founder of Spark Mag; and now, as the solo performer La Neve. Self-described as his “queer dance thing,” those familiar with the sounds he produces in Malportado Kids will feel a similarity between the grooves. Though much less percussive than the former, La Neve takes the digital mix to it’s ’80s max—with a steadfast beat and deadpan delivery, it falls somewhere between Morrissey and Culture Club.

The mod is high, especially in the second track off his recently unveiled two-song Eviction Demos, “8 to 8”. It’s a remarkably nuanced track with many layers to delve into, showcasing his ability to not only shape-shift through his various bands, but in one song as well. The lead track, “Won’t Let Go”, comes with a “sort of NSFW” video that features DeFrancesco in full drag with sexually-charged projections interlaced over top of him (another signifier of his role in MK).

You can stream the Eviction Demos in full, and watch the video for “Won’t Let Go”, below.