Lackadaisical EP

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lackadaisical ep

Just as this darn weather breaks and sunshine creeps back into our lives, Waaga is on the button with another approved EP.

Waaga's office is nine blocks from my apartment. I won't promise cookies, but I might stop by someday just to say thank you in person. I can promise to wash my hands, so the employee(s) get a sanitary embrace.

The Lackadaisical EP is a split with Denton, TX's FUR and Detroit's Coyote Clean Up. Both artists make the sheen of lounge house, less about mannequins and runways, more about off kilter edits that prevent the hypnosis of snap breaks lulling your senses into impulse. The label could not have selected a more fitting album cover, as this is an EP that has me dreaming about breathing and hearing underwater. Oh, how I long for the lackadaisical days to return. Oh, how I long for a water-proof Ipod.

Download the Lackadaisical EP here.

Coyote Clean Up, “Bad Blackberry”

FUR, “Clears Throat”