Lil B, The Based God

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I'll be honest, I'm pretty new to this whole Lil B phenomenon. I don't know his message, don't know where he came from, or his story, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from diving headfirst into this dude's shit.

I know he is the Based God, and that “based” or “base” is some sort of heady, poetic, straight from the subconscious form of freestyling. I'm not a guru in the shit, I just read that somewhere. Basically, I heard this song “I Am,” and his flow over this ambient track that I'd be happy to put out as Pink Priest, and that sounded almost like something that'd be on Hexes, totally grabbed me. It was a totally HOLY SHIT moment and I started listening to his vibes, digging in a bit deeper.

Lil B, “I Am”

Soulja Boy & Lil B, “Swag O.D.”

Along the way I heard him do some swag O.D. with Soulja Boy — and that shit is pretty silly — and bring Elliott Smith back from the dead for a song and video that is sure to piss off most Elliott Smith fans, but is pretty much the hip hop equivalent to Smith himself. There's a lot of vibes coming from this man's music, sometimes sinister, dark, depressing, sometimes it's almost angelic, like in the case of “I Am,” and there's a sincerity. He may not rhyme like Twista or Busta, but his rhymes have their own swagger and weight. There's something completely honest about this based vibe, or at least in Lil B's music, even if it is him making up words about how much a bracelet costs or some shit.

Soulja Boy & Lil B, “World So Cold”
(Hear that Band Of Horses sample?? Hahahaha.)

Lil B (featuring Elliott Smith – sort of), “The World's Ending”