Lil Wayne, “When They Come For Me”

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I'm not going to keep anyone too long on this one. I just want to put this out there: Lil Wayne has never let me down. Period. He is not only one of the greatest hip hop artists of our time, he's one of the best entertainers of our time, hands down.

Why am I posting this particular song? Because it makes me want to stomp on top of cars and throw out Suck It signs to every fool that walks past me. It's relentless. It's one of those anthems that makes you feel fucking awesome and makes you want to play it, like, 12 times in a row, no shame.

When I was 13 it was a song like this, and today, at 26 it's a song like “When They Come For Me.”

Weezy gets out in November. We'll be there waiting for his next move.