Liphemra, Part 3 mixtape

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With the release of Liphemra's Part 3 mixtape, recent works in progress, and shared audio diamonds are displayed in a set curated by one of LA's greatest talents. Ever since the cinematic overtures and alluring invitations to worlds of banished beauty and all of life's uphill running struggles presented on, “Young“; the multi-talented styles of Liv Marsico, aka Liphemra has brought the attention of folks from coast to coast concentrating their ears to the uprise of Los Angele's independent underground.

Confrontation and self-assertion is everywhere on Part 3, beginning with the “I just want to end it, like I want him to let me go, fuck”, on the intro, “Sadness Sickness”. “Overbored” clocks the boredom and frustration in at overtime with the reiterations of, “I want to learn, I want to start again, what I want to say, I'll say, I'll say, motherfucker, I'll say”. Like her recent appearance on Nocando's “Little Green Monsters“, Liphemra offers her cool and cold collaboration with MED on “Bloodwork“, followed by the “I'm done” fed up ambient and in your face waters of, “Who the Fuck”. “Champion” continues the course of Liphemra's atmosphere that inhabits everything she sings or produces, as “Bandaid” brings a tough as steel numbness with rhythm rocking blues and wailing instrumentation. Caution is thrown into the wind, as “Wildestdreamz” hints at the even dreamier and more personal direction of her sound. While we wonder what Part 4 might entail, Part 3 is the work of an artist on top of her powers and eclectic skills.

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Liphemra's mixtape release show is this Thursday, April 3 at LA's The Echo.

Poster art courtesy of Ripple in Line.