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[Spot the Dozal.]

Aptly-named Dozal Brothers, who hail from El Paso, TX, just left on a half-planned month-and-a-half haul through the country. Help them out if you're in a city where they need it. Their uppity synth punk mind-melds off coastal projects like Neon Navajo and Team Robespierre, so it'll work great to keep people at your show after all the other bands have played, or as an aural substitute for our dear, endangered Sparks.

Dozal Brothers, “Night Drool”

Dozal Brothers tour dates
11 The Hangart w/ TREASURE MAMMAL + Kidney Failure, Tucson, Arizona
12 THE SMELL w/ Fast Astronauts + Neon Navajo + TPF!, LA
13 Factory w/ Unsexxxy Nerd Ponies, Tijuana
14 Soda Bar w/ Unsexxxy Nerd Ponies + Jamuel Saxon, San Diegoo, California
15 PEHRSPACE w/ Daniel Francis Doyle + Ear Pwr + That Ghost + Anavan DJ Set, LA
15 L’Keg Gallery w/ Unsexxxy Nerd Ponies + Bastidas + Blue Jungle!, Los Angeles
16 Help, bayyyy
18 Dekum Manor, Portland
19 The Josephine, Seattle
20 Vancouver, Vancouver
21 Valentines w/ Tex Winters, Portland
22 Granmas House w/ La Knots, Boise
23 Pocatello w/ Warbonnet (hopefully), Pocatello
24 The Compound w/ Steve & The Ohs + Scott Bowden, Salt Lake
25 Nicks Garage w/ BDRMPPL + hollagramz, Denver
27 Memory Lanes w/ UNICORN BASEMENT, Minneapolis
28 FRANKS POWER PLANT w/ Charlie Slick, Milwaukee
29 MORTVILLE w/ Charlie Slick + Bitchin Bajas + Black Math, Chicago
30 TBA w/ Charlie Slick, Detroit

01 Bourbon Street w/ DJ Times New Viking + Charlie Slick + TBA, Columbus
02 Howlers Coyote Cafe W / Weird Paul + Mrs Paintbrush + Sneaky Mike, Pittsburgh
03 Philidelphia w/ Charlie Slick, Philedelphia
04 Whitehaus Freedom Fest W / Many Mansions + Truman Peyote + more, Jamaica Plain
05 Cakeshop w/ GDFX + PC Worship + Balls to The Wall + nt, New York
06 Don Pedros W / Charlie Slick + more TBA, New York
07 260 waxter way w/ Abiku, Baltimore/DC
08 Maya Gallery W / three-brained robot, greensboro, North Carolina
09 Secret Squierel w/ Daffodils + Paper Tanks, ATHENS
10 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
11 Saturn Bar w/ TBA, New Orleans
12 Mangos w/ The Coathangers, Houxton
13 HOUSE SHOW somewhere w/ Berny + Eric, San Antonio
14 BEERLAND W / Daniel Francis Doyle + Liz Burritto + Holy Wave, Austin
15 Denton TBA w/ Fight Bite, Denton
16 Lubbock TBA w/ The NUMERATORS,