Little People's Youth and Progress Mix Pt. 2

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Little People

It's been a quiet two years since the release of Little People's We Are But Hunks of Wood album, but this month Laurent Clerc is breaking out with news of a new album. But first, a 53-minute mix sponsored by Jiberish, entitled Youth & Progress Part 2.

Fit for a soundtrack to the Spring or Summer collection, Little People's Youth & Progress Part 2 spans the warm compositions of Javelin's always inviting “Intervales Theme”, escapes the heat into a basement jazz lounge for Fatima's “Family”, and the even murkier dank of Toasty's “Like Sun”. Clerc is known for his down-tempo production combined with live instrumentation and throughout the mix he blends artists that define his artistic touch.

As mentioned above, the mix is only the cusp of the news surrounding Little People this month, as Clerc plans to release a remix record to his 2012 sophmore album We Are But Hunks of Wood. The remix record experiments with the format oft associated with the retredding of past works. In addition to remix contributions handled by Marley Carroll, Emancipator, and Blockhead, Clerc paced the album with original Offcuts to piece together the narrative embodied on the original. Additionally, Clerc included “Carefully”, a brand new track, and an instrumental dub of “Wonderland”.

We Are But Hunks of Wood Remixes is out June 10 on Little People's website and digital retailers.