Lizzy Rose, “Nervous Bird”

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Seattle’s folk rock act Lizzy Rose is a woman of phenomenal talent. In her work, we find theatrics and vocals that defy octaves. Her work has been described as magical, and the aura she gives off through both her music and her personality (as we know it) is absolutely charming. On the lead up to her Crocodile Tears album release, we have the premiere of her single “Nervous Bird”.

The song starts out with a chime, and immediately you are transported to a simpler time. Perhaps a time in childhood, when things weren’t as difficult or scary. When Lizzy’s voice hits the track, it’s delicate, enchanting. It is an exquisite narrative about overthinking your surroundings and, quite possibly, lends itself to those of us who identify as empaths. Lyrics like “and this tree is a mystery untold, tales between its seems / Little bird knows a thing or two about the secrets he keeps” that charge a very literal meaning to the “Nervous Bird” title. But do not be mistaken, as there is a lesson to learn within the lyrics of the song. Lines like “I’ve been a good girl, hardly watch the TV / But I don’t know what it is I’m doing” draw attention to the fact that almost no one has everything figured out. You can be a really good person and do everything right and still be completely lost in life. And that’s okay.

“Nervous Bird” becomes darker, more theatrical, as we comes to the close of the 5:09 track. She sings of knowing “a beautiful place to die,” heavy strings bring the song to another level, as she describes an end to life.

Tour Dates
09/09 – Walla Walla, WA – Three Rivers Winery
09/10 – Boise, ID – Boise Hive
09/13 – Denver, CO – Lost Lake
09/16 – Felton, CA – Don Quixote’s
09/23 – Olympia, WA – Le Voyeur
10/08 – Seattle, WA – Columbia City Theatre

Crocodile Tears is out September 9th.