A look at Lmgrovllum label and sub-print grovl

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Since 2008, Lmgrovllum have released criminally underrated minimal synth tapes in limited quantities. Founder Phillip Miner began Lmgrovllum to self-release the first VVAQRT demo before Hot Releases would release their killer LP. Since then, Miner has continued to release his work as Lack, Isabelle Gunn and Sagan Youth Boys.

Recently, the Lmgrovllum label has expanded- introducing a sub-imprint, releasing other artists’ work as well as curating a stellar compilation featuring some of the underground synth scenes finest. Imprimatur is a stellar 72-minute compilation featuring projects like Meager Sunlight (mems. Of Lazy Magnet and Samantha Vacation), Secret Boyfriend (Blackest Ever Black) and Yohimbe. All of the tapes are professionally dubbed on beautiful chrome tapes with full color double sides J cards and custom cases, for the tape nerds out there.

[Photo by Jane Chardiet]

Four months ago, Lmgrovllum introduced their fascinating sub-imprint, grovl. Grovl is every collectors dream, releasing batches of five releases periodically at editions of only nineteen per tape. These super limited tapes are hand dubbed, but will only set you back three dollars. Aside from releasing traditional tapes and very limited singles for artists such as Profligate (D.K.A. / Not Not Fun) and Samantha Vacation (L.I.E.S.); Grovl also compiles really killer live mix tapes. Lmgrovllum and Grovl are the tape labels for you if you are looking to get turned on to some of the best obscure noise, minimal wave, techno, Italo-Disco or freaked out pop music that you may have missed otherwise.

You can score some of their tapes at Imgrovllum.org.
Hear more from the grovl sub-imprint at its Soundcloud page.

Lmgrovllum founder Phillip Miner is hitting the road with his solo project Lack this week for a short stint with label vet Profligate. Catch them if you can!
05 – COLUMBUS @ BOURBON ST (Facebook event page)
07 – CHICAGO @ CLUB RECTUM (Facebook event page)
08 – MINNEAPOLIS @ HEXAGON BAR (Facebook event page)
09 – KANSAS CITY TBA (Facebook event page)
10 – ST LOUIS APOP RECORDS (Facebook event page)