Low Fat Getting High, “Better Better Worse”

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There are so many elements feeding into this post on Low Fat Getting High that we don't even know where to begin. Let's lay it out for you:

  1. The band name is Low Fat Getting High. That's like holy trinity of words plus one.
  2. The EP title is Bad Yoga. Okay, listen, if you can understand how uncoordinated we are, then you'll get why we relate to Bad Yoga. Add that to the concept of getting high and keeping things low fat and a clear image of why we were on board with this track long before we'd heard it begins to unfold.
  3. The song title? “Better Better Worse”. Like an adult game of Duck Duck Goose, we know you've been there. Succeeding? Feeling good? On the right track? Not for long. There is sure to be disaster around the corner.
  4. And then there is the actual tune—fast, grungy punk that speeds by like a noisy freight train. There is no slowing it down. It's got an edge of hardcore to it, but don't be alarmed—it's still that hybrid noisepunk sound we've been hearing so much of in these parts, and that makes it feel a little bit familiar and a little bit new territory. It's dense and feels eerily prophetic of what the new punk sound might be.

This track, which you can stream below, comes from Low Fat Getting High's new EP, slated for release on July 18 through Money Fire Records/Dead Broke Rekerds. Catch LFGH at their release show with our favorites, Big Ups. Details below.

July 18 – Low Fat Getting High Release Party – Shea Satidum w/ Big Ups, Vulture Shit, and Flagland