Lucrecia Dalt – “Disuelta”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Colombian avant-pop artist unleashes hypnotizing new single

Lucrecia Dalt is the sort of world-building experimental artist whose transgressive sounds can make you feel utterly consumed and trapped in the best way possible. Her forthcoming LP No Era Sólida arrives on September 11 via RVNG Intl., and it’s a concept album that casts her as a fictional character named Lia. According to a press release, the record “is a product of where Dalt and Lia meet,” an ominous tease. Today she’s hypnotizing us with “Disuelta,” the spellbinding and gloriously confounding new single off that record.

Droning, stabbing synth notes and guttural flickers of bass swirl around Dalt’s freaky, tantalizing vocals. There’s a scary nursery rhyme-like melody that pervades “Disuelta,” especially as a downward-spiraling twinkling noise blares piercingly. It’s exactly the sort of surgical, cerebral sonic brain twist we’ve come to crave from the forward-thinking pop artist/geotechnical engineer. Meanwhile, the track arrives along with an equally heady, psychedelic video clip directed by Pedro Maia.

Lucrecia Dalt’s No Era Sólida arrives on 9/11 via RVNG Intl. with a portion of sales going toward Tierra Digna, an organization supporting Colombian communities affected by tyrannical economic policies, human rights violations and environmental devastation. You can pre-order it HERE, and watch the mesmerizing video for “Disuelta” below.