Lust For Youth, “Sudden Ambitions”

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Swedish synth-pop downers Lust For Youth seem consistently able to pluck elements of both brightened euphoria and deep melancholy from the psyche, and introduce them to each other. Their new single, “Sudden Ambitions, off their forthcoming LP, Compassion, epitomizes what the band has been transforming into: from a dark and brooding solo effort to complex compositions of danceable dreariness. The track is a massage for the dancer, oscillating up and down the body, loosening tensions with lush synths, and an unwavering quake of kick drum. A drama builds in the opening notes, searching for the beat that will carry the melody’s beautiful progression for the entirety of the song. Percussive synth tones trickle in, acting as a mist setting, fingertips lightly pressing against the face for relaxation. And then the bass makes itself known and begins to press harder, down the neck and arms, finally to the legs. The elation and sorrow interact and finally become one as Hannes Norrvide’s reverbed vocals haunt overhead, a mantra of aching incense. Close your eyes and move to this.

Compassion is out March 18 on Sacred Bones Records, and Lust for Youth is playing a few select US dates around the release before heading back to Europe. You can stream “Sudden Ambitions” below, and scroll on for a list of US dates.

Lust For Youth tour dates

17 Austin, TX at SXSW
18 Austin, TX at SXSW
19 Austin, TX at SXSW
20 San Francisco, CA at Rickshaw Stop
22 Los Angeles, CA at Teregram Ballroom
24 Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel