Magnetix, Mannix Serial 7″

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On the mysterious Bandcamp page behind this excellent Born Bad Records release Magnetix, there is a slew of text describing something that is mostly a mystery. At first, I read through the French expecting to understand, then found no further illumination at the English translation—”Spirited and blazing, rough and bitter, wrapped up by the sun that disappears behind a column in the sky, cut with a stone, half opened by his isosceles look.” Whether you understand or not doesn't contribute to the dark, world-weary tinge to this Mannix Serial 7″, using deepwave and caustic lyrics to take us into a French outerspace. The only revealing detail is a line toward the bottom that states that there will be four different EPs on four different labels that utilize Mannix M72 illustrations. Ultimately, all you need to know is that this shreds on a very dark gnar wave.

Stream the two-song 7″ below, then pick up a copy through Born Bad Records on November 1.