Mahalo, “Heartbeat”

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The story of light versus dark has been told for centuries. But never in such a unique–and fun–way. On his second release with Sleazy Deep–after massive success with his Enjoy The Ride EP–Los Angeles-based music producer Mahalo is ready to introduce this incredible story to the world, with a first listen to the title track available exclusively on IMPOSE.

Mahalo delivers “Heartbeat” to serve as an ode to ‘the dark,’ aiming to guide the listener to discover what it is that moves them to give in to their vices, and what drives them to deviate from their own moral compass.

“Heartbeat” is a hard hitting dance track, replete with deep, warped vocals. The deep bass lines and lyrics go beyond the usual repetitiveness of other dance music. But what “Heartbeat” does best is its beat, a steady beat that doesn’t stop, as if the song itself has its own heartbeat, making the song come alive despite the song’s dark and gritty undertone. For a dance song you can certainly lose yourself in, be it on the dance floor or some other place, “Heartbeat” packs a lot of deep emotions that are easy to pick up on, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful in the song’s emotional resonances.

What is it that wants to be YOUR heartbeat?

Heartbeat is out August 5th.