Major Napier, “Sensitive Fuck”

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please stay

Sometimes in this biz, all you need is a good tip-off to discover something you should have been listening to all along. Major Napier came to my attention through an Australian writer, and with very little information to distract, this release feels eternally shrouded in mystery, and I hope it stays that way. The five-song Please Stay EP from Melbourne artist Major Napier is only tagged with “pop pop” and “power pop” and with only one additional release from early last year, have we got a new Jai Paul on our hands? (I jest, but maybe.)

Though the entire EP is gorgeous and lush and frighteningly beautiful, “Sensitive Fuck” is basically exactly as it is titled. It builds to a point of sheer mania as a beat gallops in its background. The line “You make me so happy, you make me so happy now” feels desperate and taut, and I can safely say I haven't heard a pop song so thoroughly enjoyable or so intelligently layered as this one all year. It's full of power pop lushness and shouldn't be disregarded. We look forward to hearing more from our new favorite Australian export.